Conditions of entry
Entry to Grazeland, 20 Booker Street, Spotswood VIC 3015 is subject to the following conditions:

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, and to remove from the premises, without refund, any person who violates any of the conditions listed below. We also reserve the right to inspect any bag and/or articles of clothing via screening equipment and/or bag search checks.

These conditions of entry are subject to change without notice.

1.0 Acceptance of Risk and Limitations of Liability
Patrons entering Grazeland do so at their own risk. Patrons assume all risks associated with and incidental to Grazeland, whether before, during or after Grazeland. This includes property damage or loss, and personal injury. Patrons waive any claims for personal injury or death against the Venue Owners on behalf of the patron and any accompanying minor(s); except those claims excluded by law.

2.0 Admission & Entry Fee
Venue owners, their management and/or security reserve the right to refuse admission to, or remove any person for reasonable cause, without notice. Persons under the age of 12 must be under direct supervision of an adult at all time. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Management and/or security reserve the right to inspect a patron’s bag(s) prior to entry. Footwear must be worn at all times.
Entry fee is non-refundable, and a non-refund policy applies. This includes any refunds due to change in weather on the day of attendance or if you are ejected for any reason in accordance with our conditions of entry. Entry fee applies to all patrons 12 years and older. Carers accompanying a person with a disability will not be charged an entry fee.

3.0 Refusal of Entry and Ejection
Venue Owners, appointed management or security reserve the right to refuse entry or eject patrons for the following reasons:
  • If a patron is unwell at the venue and displaying flu-like symptoms
  • Anyone who intentionally coughs, sneezes or spits.
  • Patrons who act in a manner that is inappropriate, offensive to others or illegal
  • Patrons that behave in a manner which causes or may cause property damage or that threatens or may threaten the safety of customers, performers or other persons
  • Patrons who wear clothing that includes inappropriate symbols or wording that causes offence
  • Any person who are unduly intoxicated may be refused entry or ejected
  • Any person demonstrating disorderly behavior or displays harmful or offensive behavior may be refused entry or ejected
  • Any person who is rude or aggressive to any other person including staff
4.0 Items not permitted at Grazeland
Patrons to Grazeland CANNOT bring the following items into the park:
  • Plastic Bottles are not allowed within Grazeland
  • Weapons of any kind or any other items deemed dangerous by management
  • Water pistols, whistles
  • Fireworks, flares or laser lights
  • Drones of other flying craft
  • Motorised toys or equipment
  • Skateboards, inline skates or roller skates, or any similar devices
  • Any device or object in the opinion of management has the potential to cause injury or public nuisance
  • Bicycles are not permitted inside Grazeland. There are 100 bicycle racks conveniently located at the front gate.
  • Food that you have brought elsewhere, exception to baby food or formula
  • Promotional or marketing materials not approved by Management
  • Balloons, Confetti, Streamers, Glitter, Party Poppers and single use plastic items
5.0 Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere within Grazeland and the surrounding perimeter including both entrances. This includes electronic cigarettes.

6.0 Alcohol and drugs
  • Patrons must not bring drugs or alcohol into Grazeland
  • Alcohol must be consumed within the area of Grazeland (‘the permitted area’) and is not permitted to be taken outside the venue.
  • Any person wishing to drink alcohol at Grazeland may be required to produce a valid driver’s license, current passport or proof of age card.
  • Any minor found drinking alcohol will be refused entry or ejected from Grazeland.
  • Any person supplying alcohol to a minor or deemed to be assisting or contributing to the supply of alcohol to a minor will be refused entry or ejected from Grazeland.
  • Any person demonstrating disorderly behavior may be refused entry or ejected from Grazeland.
7.0 COVID Safety and Compliance
Grazeland is a COVID Safe venue. Failure to comply with any government guidelines, State directives or legislation with regards to COVID-19 or any other relevant health directives may result in the patron being refused entry or ejected from Grazeland.

Failure to follow any direction from the venue staff related to COVID protocols may result in your ejection from the venue.

8.0 Animals/Pets
All pets are welcome at Grazeland but they must be people friendly. All pets must be on a short leash and you must be able to carry them should you choose to go into a congested area. Accidents must be cleaned up immediately and there will be some designated pet free areas. All artificial turf areas are no-go zones for pets. You must accept full responsibility for your pet.

9.0 Use of Your Image
Patrons agree not to record or transmit, or aid in recording or transmitting, any description, account, picture or reproduction other than for private non-commercial purpose, without the permission from the venue owners.

Patrons, by their actual attendance grant permission to Grazeland and the venue owners to use their name, image, likeness, or statements in any live or audio, video or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at Grazeland without further authorization form, or compensation or attribution to the patron. All recordings and photographic displays are our sole property and you release us from liability arising on account of such usage.

10.0 Change of activities
Grazeland reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute performing artists and amenities at any time.
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